$10 OFF Video Breakdowns this Weekend Only! It’s a Personal Instructional Video!

The demand for video breakdowns is on the rise. To make sure everyone has a chance to get these personal instructional videos, Knuckleball Nation is offering $10 OFF all breakdowns this weekend only!

Here’s a new one with some fresh knuckleball knowledge!

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Purchase the discount (you don’t have to have the video ready — film later!)
  2. Film 3 minutes or less of your delivery from multiple angles. Use a smartphone!
  3. Upload to YouTube.
  4. Send me the link and I’ll take it from there.

The more video breakdowns out there, the more knuckleball knowledge spreads! And that’s how Knuckleball Nation grows!

Use the PayPal button below to get your very own personal instructional video for only $49!