The Knuckleball Academy: Los Angeles, California

The best way to refine your knuckleball

24-year MLB knuckleball pitcher Charlie Hough built me from the ground, up when I learned the knuckleball from him alongside RA Dickey. He started with the very foundation of the delivery — the feet. Over a period of a few months, he taught me how every part of the body was supposed to move in order to deliver a pro-quality knuckleball. And that’s exactly what you will learn when you come to Knuckleball Nation’s Academy in Los Angeles, California.

Located just a few miles south of LAX International Airport, The Knuckleball Academy lives inside a 25,000 square-foot facility known as The Refinery. You’ll learn a devastating knuckleball inside The Smart Cage, complete with a turf mound, slow-motion cameras and a static strike zone target. And you’ll throw low-seam professional baseballs while receiving instant feedback from the Tuff target and HD cameras.

You’ll learn how the knuckleball is less about the release and more about the mechanics of the body. Each adjustment will pay dividends and you’ll begin to see how each adjustment builds on the last, weaving together a pro-quality knuckleball delivery. You are strongly encouraged to attend The Knuckleball Academy for a few lessons before taking the information home to master the adjustments before returning once again. Groups are welcome. Discounts for multiple hours.



The Refinery

444 Alaska Ave, Torrance, CA 90503

To Schedule

Use the contact form below to schedule a lesson at the Academy:

*I play professional baseball so availability is sporadic during the Summer. Spring, Fall and Winter availability is high.

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