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Knuckleball Nation: The Instructional DVD – for the beginner knuckle ball pitcher

The perfect product for the novice knuckle ball pitcher. We’ve all thrown it in the backyard and messed around with the pitch in the outfield, but this is your opportunity to solidify a real, no-holds-barred knuckle ball. And who knows? With the proper technique, taught in this 50-minute DVD, you just might find yourself scoring a pro baseball contract.

I always had a good knuckle ball, but I wouldn’t have the pro-quality knuckle ball I have now without Charlie Hough and RA Dickey — my mentors. You’ll find their knowledge in KNUCKLEBALL NATION: The Instructional DVD. Click here for more info!

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Advanced Knuckleballing – Instructional DVD

Pro Knuckle Ball Pitcher Chris Nowlin Pre-game Warmup

Chris Nowlin before a pro start

Building on the lessons learned in Knuckleball Nation, this video advances your knuckle ball even further. It goes over the variations and nuances of the pitch and introduces you to the defining mechanic — Getting Through the Ball. It’s what separates the real-deal knucklers from the backyard amateurs.

This hour-long DVD covers a variety of high-level topics:

~How to stay through the ball 

~Where to locate the knuckle ball in different situations

~How to make the knuckle ball break the way you want it to without changing your arm action

~How to change speeds without changing your arm action, and much more

Great for the competitive knuckle ball pitcher and the perfect way to build on Knuckleball 101. Take your knuckle ball to the next level with Advanced Knuckleballing!

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Pro Knuck — Instructional DVD

RA Dickey holding knuckle ball gripThis video covers the secrets of the pros and is made only for serious knuckleball pitchers. Did you know that you can throw a knuckle ball with zero spin that doesn’t break a whole lot, or moves “lazy”? If this has happened to you: Congratulations! You’re an advanced knuckle ball pitcher! But it looks like you’ll need a little more fine tuning to throw a hectic, heavy and pro-quality knuckler. This is where Pro Knuck comes into play.

Have you ever heard an announcer say, “This guy’s gotta heavy pitch?A heavy ball is much more difficult to hit than a “light” pitch, even at the same velocity. Well, the same holds true for the knuckle ball. You want to throw a heavy and chaotic knuckler — a truly pro knuck.

There are secrets to unlock this chaotic, hard-to-hit movement and you’ll find them here in the Pro Knuck Instructional Video, along with arm action secrets to keep hitters off balance, professional-level descriptions of body movement and balance throughout the delivery and the secrets of how to pound the strike zone consistently.

The knuckle ball never stops evolving. I am lucky to count myself among the pros and this DVD covers what the guys at the pro level talk about.

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Fingertips of a Safecracker & Mind of a Zen Buddhist — Workout + Mentality DVD

It’s no secret — Velocity across baseball is on the rise. RA Dicky reinvented the knuckle ball with fierce velocity. Steven Wright appears to be following in his footsteps. The average Major League Fastball has risen 3 miles-per-hour in the last decade. And why are all these velocities on the rise?

The answer is simple — Fitness.

Professional Knuckle ball pitcher workoutBut increasing velocity isn’t as simple as doing some squats. You need a professionally designed workout that will give you better balance, stamina and explosiveness on the mound; that will make you feel more confident and in control; that is pitcher-specific and not one-size-fits-all.  That’s where Fingertips of a Safecracker & Mind of a Zen Buddhist comes in.

Jim Bouton’s famous quote about the difficulty of being a knuckle ball pitcher is the title to this DVD. It encapsulates what you need to make it as a knuckle ball pitcher. You need strength and a steady hand as well as a rock-solid mentality. And without rock-solid mentality, you’ll never get anywhere.

I know all you knuckleballers can relate — it feels lonely out there on the mound. It is really tough to float an unpredictable ball at top-level hitters when everyone is watching. The pressure is immense.

And that’s why I always say that mentality is the most important part of being a successful knuckleballer. You need the right state-of-mind and metal tools to navigate an incredibly difficult and lonely journey as a knuckleballer. Without the ability to cope with the pressure, you’ll have difficulty making it.

I have compiled the workouts and mental exercises that have allowed me to stay in pro baseball. Without these useful, professionally-designed tools, I would have fallen out of the game long ago. And I have anthologized everything right here, in this video — Fingertips of a Safecracker and Mind of a Zen Buddhist.

You’ll workout like a pro to add velocity. You’ll learn to get out of your own way on the mound to perform your best. And you’ll learn to handle the rigors of the lonely journey you’ve chosen as a knuckle ball pitcher.

Out of all the videos I have made, I believe this is the most important one.

You’ll either receive an email or printout of the professionally-designed workout straight from an MLB team along with the video!

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Online Video Mechanical Assessment

Take what you learn in Knuckleball 101 and Advanced Knuckleballing and put it to the test! Videotape yourself pitching from multiple angles, upload the video to YouTube and I will personally assess your mechanics. I will download the video and make a personalized tutorial with commentary and annotated graphics. I will then upload the new video to YouTube and send you the link (you can choose to keep these videos private and out of the public eye).

You’ll have a personalized instructional video from a professional knuckle ball pitcher! It’s the best way to accelerate your development outside of personal, one-on-one lessons!

Get Your Online Video Assessment Today for only $59

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Knuckleball Nation T-shirts

Knuckleball Nation t shirtsLet the world see that you know exactly how to throw a pro-quality knuckle ball. Knuckleball Nation is a one-of-a-kind product and this shirt allows you to be unique, just like the knuckleball itself. It also lets the world know that we are out there; an army of unconventional knuckle ball pitchers coming to change baseball. Join the Nation!

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