The Knuckle Ball


Proprietary training device!

The Knuckle-Ball is a modified baseball that is designed to help you feel the knuckleball better out of your hand. You'll receive instant feedback from the Knuckle-Ball. You'll feel and hear an improper release which will let you know how to adjust. If you release the knuckleball properly, you'll feel and hear nothing. Then all you have to do is watch as you catch partner gets hit by your nasty knuck.

This product is still being manufactured but you can order yours today in order to get one of the first Knuckle-Balls.



The Knuckle-Ball is the perfect compliment to The Program or any of Knuckleball Nation’s instructional videos. The modified baseball allows you to feel an improper release instantly. You’ll feel nothing if you let it go correctly.

This is the perfect ball for many of the drills in The Program. It can be used for short-distance toss to develop a better feel so it can be used in many indoor areas. You can even lay on your bed to toss this ball to yourself to understand the proper release.

You can practice virtually anywhere with the Knuckle-Ball! It’s perfect for beginners and pros alike.

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