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    • Welcome to The Knuckleball Network. I’m hoping to really grow this social network to connect every knuckleballer in the country. A lefty knuckleballer? I’m jealous. I’ve only ever seen one other. He’s a college knuckler from Texas and I’m sure he’ll sign up here soon. What’s your name? Where are you from?

      • Hi Chris, I am Kade Hunkapiller from Venice FL, I played 2 years with State College of Florida Junior College and now transferred with a athletic scholarship to play for Lyon’s college in Batesville, AR. I am self taught and have been throwing the knuckle ball for about 6 years. Hopefully we can get the word out about Knuckleballer’s.

        • Running into any bias with the pitch? Also, I’ve seen some video of you throwing. How hard are you humming that thing? You are also getting a bit of recoil in your delivery which may cause some spin.

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