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The wisdom handed down to me echoes through baseball history — Hall of Famer Phil Niekro & 24-year MLB legend Charlie Hough mentored me alongside Cy Young award winner RA Dickey — and my mission continues. I strive to save the knuckleball from extinction by teaching its secrets and that mission occasionally puts Knuckleball Nation in the media spotlight.

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"I'm pulling for Chris Nowlin and I hope I can carry the torch long enough for him or someone like him to take it from me."
RA Dickey
Cy Young
"You should listen to Chris Nowlin. He really can throw a great knuckleball, and, more importantly, he can teach it well to others."
Phil Niekro
Hall of Fame
"I've told Chris Nowlin to become a Major League Baseball consultant, but boy does that kid want to make it. And he can throw a pretty good knuckleball, too."
Charlie Hough
24 Years MLB

Knuckleball Nation is Chris Nowlin

Hall of Famer Phil Niekro & 24-year MLB legend Charlie Hough taught me the knuckleball alongside RA Dickey. I used that knuckleball to break into professional baseball after never having played in High School or College. And I teach you the secrets of the knuckleball straight from the legends themselves.

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