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My name is Chris Nowlin and I am a professional knuckleball pitcher. I was able to sign a pro contract at the age of 25 after never having played high school or college baseball (I was too busy playing high-level basketball). And I got lucky. Through a chance meeting, 24-year Major League veteran Charlie Hough took me under his wing. I learned from him on a bullpen mound right beside RA Dickey.

I still frequently work with my mentor Charlie Hough, I continue to stay in touch with RA Dickey and I’ve since worked extensively with Hall of Fame knuckleball pitcher Phil Niekro. Without their tutelage, I would never have been able to play pro baseball.

And I want to bring all of their lessons to you. Knuckleball Nation’s goal is to put a knuckleballer on every team across the country and to remove the mystery, bias and fear from the pitch. Together, we can take the knuckleball mainstream.

The knuckleball is rare for two reasons:

  1. It’s incredibly difficult
  2. Nobody teaches it effectively

Knuckleball Nation aims to change that. Using what I’ve learned from the greats and my own pro career, I’ve put together The Program, three separate Instructional Videos and have developed proprietary Knuckleball Training Equipment.

I put on Worldwide Knuckleball Clinics and offer 1-on-1 lessons here at my Los Angeles Academy.

This site serves as a hub for the nation with The Knuckleball Network, the site’s own social network. It works like Facebook to connect you with knuckleballers all over the world.

Keep track of every knuckleballer’s success using The Scoreboard. Collect the stats of the pro, high school, college and amateur pitchers of Knuckleball Nation, and sign up to include your own triumphs.

We’re united in our quest to perfect the knuckleball so sign up for The Knuckleball Network, purchase the instructional videos, attend a clinic and join Knuckleball Nation.

Click here to read more about my story and be well,

founder of Knuckleball Nation

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