Charlie Hough Clinic a Success!

Pitchers flew to Los Angeles from as far as Wisconsin, New Jersey, Long Island and Colorado for the second annual Charlie Hough Knuckleball Clinic. The clinic took place at Beimel Elite Athletics, a Major League Training Facility in the beautiful South Bay of Los Angeles. Charlie Hough, 75, showed up at 8am on Sunday Morning, […]

I Owe A Lot To Tim Wakefield

My father was painting the house back in the early 90’s as I listlessly watched a baseball. The Pirates were playing the Braves so the game was nationally televised and the effortlessness of the pitcher caught my attention. I asked my dad, “How does he just lob the ball and get the guys out?” “That’s […]

Stop Calling Matt Waldron A Knuckleballer

Matt Waldron threw the first knuckleball the Major Leagues had seen for nearly two years this past June in a single start before being sent back down to Triple-A El Paso. The last knuckleball thrown at baseball’s highest level came off the fingertips of Mickey Jannis in 2021. This rare knuckleball sighting lit up headlines […]

Knuckleball Pitchers 2022

The knuckleball seems to be sputtering out. The advent of tracking technology and enhanced training modalities are leaving the knuckleball behind. I’ve always been confident that the knuckleball would survive because it is effective at getting big league hitters out, and getting big league hitters out pays millions. But there seems to be a simpler […]

The LA Charlie Hough Clinic a Success!

Twelve pitchers from all over the country attended the Charlie Hough knuckleball clinic that took place in Los Angeles over the weekend of January 14th and 15th, 2023. The pitchers came from a variety of backgrounds. There was a little leaguer, some high school and college pitchers, a couple of over-the-hill weekend warriors and even […]

New Website, Merch & an All-out Assault on Social Media

Nation, I’ve been looking for the time to blow up Knuckleball Nation. Building a website, a brand and an audience takes time, and now I have the time. I’ve accepted the positon as GM at Beimel Elite Athletics in Los Angeles, CA. The facility is state of the art, and many MLB stars walk through […]

The Clinic That Never Was: Vegas During Covid

2020 was the only year Knuckleball Nation skipped the annual Las Vegas Clinic over Columbus Day Weekend. Here are the details of the ghost clinic. Knuckleball Nation started nine years ago with a knuckleball clinic in Las Vegas. I’m now doing clinics all over the U.S., overseas and with MLB greats, but the annual Las […]

Knuckleball Nation Rebrand

The pandemic was hard on all of us. In fact, for many, it is still ongoing. I had a lot of time to think during the lockdowns, especially because my 2020 professional season was canceled. And I’ve decided that Knuckleball Nation needs to become bigger. What does that mean exactly? Well, that means a whole […]

Chris Nowlin of Knuckleball Nation on MLB Network!

I was lucky enough to join Ed Randall and Kevin Kennedy on January 22nd, 2022, for a 20-minute interview about the future of the knuckleball in the Major Leagues. Now, Kevin Kennedy was a longtime Major League catcher, MLB executive and Major League manager. He even managed Tim Wakefield in Boston during this breakout 1995 […]

Knuckleball Nation Featured in The Ringer!

The knuckleball has always been on the fringe. In fact, at times, it’s even teetered on the edge of extinction. But a new steward of the knuckleball always rises, and he usually enjoys a long career throwing the knuckleball in the Major Leagues. But these are lean times in the Big Leagues. Boston Red Sox […]

Personal Lessons in Los Angeles

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