Knuckleball Nation Featured in The Wall Street Journal

You’ll find some nice pieces of advice from the greats in this article written by Brian Gaffney. The Northern New Jersey resident has been bringing his three kids to my clinics for a few years now, and his oldest, Joe, has developed quite a nasty knuck. Brian is an executive at Fox News, and he’s […]

Atlanta Knuckleball Clinic with Hall of Famer Phil Niekro

Knuckleball Nation’s third annual Phil Niekro clinic will take place in early 2019! An announcement will be made before the New Year! It’s an incredibly popular event that has seen knuckleballers fly in from Japan, Korea and Taiwan! Stay tuned so that you can grab a limited spot!

NEW* Instructional Video — The Release

The first time I was asked about the release of the knuckleball was when I was being grilled by a Cincinnati Reds cross-checker after a successful tryout. I was 22 and was about to graduate college. I just got done striking out the side with 57-63 mph knuckleballs, and the cross-checker said he’d have signed […]

Chris Nowlin signs AA contract with Cleburne Railroaders!

I’ve just finalized my contract for the 2018 season with the Cleburne Railroaders in the American Association. Cleburne is a suburb of Fort Worth and is in the southwest portion of the Greater Dallas Area. And it’s a great fit for the knuckleball. The weather is always hot and humid, there’s always wind at The […]

Welcome to the New Knuckleball Nation

Knuckleball Nation was founded in 2008. At the time, it was just one instructional video and one annual clinic in Las Vegas. Demand was high and Knuckleball Nation responded. Through the years, how-to throw knuckleball clinics have popped up in Chicago, Portland, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Taipei (Taiwan), Seoul (Korea), Los Angeles, New York City, Las […]

The Ultimate in Knuckleball Development

The Program — Three Phases, Three Booklets and Accompanying DVDs Each phase of the Program is a booklet with an accompanying DVD. Buy each phase individually or order all three for a discount. Click here to order. Here’s how it works: The Program breaks knuckleball development down into easy-to-understand skills. You master each skill at […]

2017 Phil Niekro Clinic a Success!

Phil Niekro signing autographs for young knuckleballers at the Atlanta Clinic in January of 2017 Last weekend, I had the privelage of flying from my home in Los Angeles to Atlanta to work with 10 knuckleballers. They flew in from as far away as New York, North Carolina, Alabama and Texas. And they were all […]

Steven Wright’s Hot Streak and The Importance of Mobility

Mid-pitch, you can really see Steven Wright’s thoracic mobility Steven Wright of the Red Sox has been on an absolute tear this season, emerging at the Sox most consistent pitcher. And that’s saying a lot considering the team’s payroll and superstar pitchers like David Price, Clay Buccholz and Rick Porcello. Wright’s dominant streak this season […]

1959 Scientific Expose on the Knuckler from Sports Illustrated

Scientific Expose The flow of air around a moving baseball knuckler is always fairly irregular. This is because a baseball is a blunt object, as opposed to a streamlined object such as an airplane wing, and the air through which is passes must do quite a bit of hurrying to get out of the way. […]

Personal Lessons in Los Angeles

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